Our method

SYNTHEX Consulting is an independent consulting firm dedicated to corporate governance, support and risk management. We mainly support management teams in their strategy of anticipation and monitoring of their Project Management and their risk profiles.

SYNTHEX Consulting provides tailor-made training courses adapted to all the situations and needs of the company. Our trainings are conducted face-to-face or remotely (virtual classes), according to the needs and choices of the companies and learners.

The guarantee of a tailor-made training

  • As a Consulting Firm on a human scale, we guarantee to be attentive to your needs and to provide you with a tailor-made approach to your current and upcoming needs.
  • Each offered training program is tailored, following a specific analysis of your expectations and challenges.
  • A systematic evaluation of expectations and results is carried out at the end of the training.
  • SYNTHEX Consulting is registered under the activity declaration number: 75331401933, this registration is not equivalent to state approval.

In-company Training


  • Organization on your premises, wherever you are geographically located.
  • Our consultants are Kepner-Tregoe, or PMI (Project Management Institute) certified, or they have professional coaching certification.
  • They are in EMEA*, North America, South America and Canada and travel worldwide.
  • Cost optimization,
  • Adaptation of the trainings to the specific requirements of the company (schedules, accessibility, technical means, tools…)
  • Training according to your specifications (personalized objectives)
  • Improvement of group cohesion and transversal relationships within the company

Preparing for the training course

  • As soon as the registration of the employee(s) concerned is approved, an extranet link is sent to each of them, giving them access to a private extranet space.
  • Different resources can be consulted depending on the theme of the training:
    • Videos,
    • Reading guidelines,
    • Pre-training evaluation (transmitted directly to the trainer), allowing to adapt the training content to the learners’ profiles before the start of the training
    • Positioning test if necessary

At the end of the training

  • The educational resources in the learner’s personal space are increased with downloadable materials such as:
    • Documents put online by the consultant
    • Action plan to adopt when you are back in the company if necessary
  • A post-training follow-up in the following format: one day of individual and/or group coaching can be carried out by the consultant to verify the implementation of the course.
  • Certificate of training completion sent to each participant.
  • Training certificate sent to each participant.


*EMEA: Europe, Middle-East and Africa