Project Management

Training in Project Management to achieve your objectives more effectively

Take ownership of the methodology and unify all project teams

Each member of a project team contributes to the success or failure of a project. This is why the project management training suite addresses the skills and responsibilities required at each level of project participation.

Our objective is to reinforce the real skills of the people and the organisation. This goal cannot be achieved through training alone. That is why we work with you to maximise the return on your investment by:

  • Clarifying your competency development objectives.

  • Identifying key areas of development and how the new skills will be applied within your organisation.

  • Helping to identify the critical elements of your environment that promote, support or inhibit development opportunities.

  • Providing pre- and post-competency support and coaching to ensure optimal transfer of theory to the workplace.

Gestion projet project management

Be awake alongside by SYNTHEX Consulting to benefit from a customised approach

Each of the workshops:

  • is customized following a detailed analysis of your expectations, your needs and your challenges,
  • can be complemented by follow-up sessions or personalised individual and/or team coaching.

All our workshops are tailor-made

Our Workshops


Project Management for Non-Project Managers – 2 days

gestion-de-projet 2 days

Cut to the chase for just the right amount of project knowledge to manage your project

Project Management for Managers – 3 days

gestion-de-projet chefs projet

Take on any project with confidence with KT’s proven approach for achieving project results.

Learn and Do for Project Teams 

5 days


Designed for entire project teams to learn new skills while applying them to a critical project

Collaboration with KT: A recognised methodology

To be supported by SYNTHEX Consulting to benefit from a tailor-made approach

Each of the offered workshops :

  • is customized following a detailed analysis of your expectations, your needs and your challenges.
  • can be completed by follow-up sessions on project realization or individual and/or team coaching
Gestion projet workshop

Training provided by KT certified consultants

  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • North America

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The KT Method: 4 pillars

Four distinct processes address all aspects of the project approach.

Together, they combine to form a comprehensive and efficient methodology.



Is used to assess the project needs. This phase helps clarify the time, cost, and performance parameters of the project. It also identifies the specific results expected and the value the project should create by balancing these aspects with the right level of resources needed.


Is used to define who will do what and when. This phase combines scheduling techniques and planning of deliverables and resources with the right project team (gathering the right resources to do the work on the project and committing them to the success of the project).


Focuses on the effective use and control of resources used on the project. Prevents the classic project pitfalls (schedule drift, lack of resources, poor change management, etc.). The implementation phase ensures that the project objectives are achieved while exploiting the opportunities.


Is involved in all phases of the project, from definition to completion. This phase includes techniques to enable more effective leadership, to manage the performance system and to involve stakeholders in a way that promotes commitment and satisfaction.

Our internationally recognised project management training sessions

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Nathalie and Thierry GIGOU await to answer your questions and to direct you to our Account Managers for a personalised follow-up from beginning to end.

Account Managers and Consultants

Claire F., Project manager in medical research for more than 15 years, quality manager and internal auditor for the ISO 9001 standard. Within the framework of large national and international networks, I have had the opportunity to lead several projects, both academic and industrial, managing the implementation and follow-up of projects until their completion.

My assets: My professional experience and practical know-how, to accompany you in your improvement process.

Portrait couleurs Erika

Erika Ratcliffe, I bring over 30 years’ experience, I help organizations translate their strategy into operational terms, plans and actions for the field teams.

As a consultant and trainer in project management and problem solving in a wide range of industries and constrained environments, I share proven methodologies with teams who need to optimize results with limited resources.

My assets: A wide background of professional experience in a variety of sectors and cultures. Interpersonal skills. I work in English, French and Spanish.

Consultants North America, South America and Canada

Doug Gaspardo portrait

Doug Gaspardo

Doug Gaspardo, Senior Consultant, and Independent Contractor is an expert in analytic thinking and project management with a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute since 2003.  He has developed and coached leaders at all levels of management across a wide range of industries for over 25 years.

His assets:  His responsiveness to client needs and the ability to create solutions addressing those needs.

Cindy Christie portrait

Cindy Christie

Extensive Project and Program Management experience as an organizational leader and as a consultant, guiding the development of others in sound project management practices.

Key Areas of Experience: New Product Introductions, technology integration, software development. She has worked in a variety of industries, including Medical Devices, Medical Insurance Providers, Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy and the Public Sector (Federal and State governments).

Her assets: Project Management, Process Analysis and Improvement, Human Resources Management, and Talent Assessment and Development. She has been recognized by PMI, SHRM and ITIL as an expert in these areas.

Wade SPEIR portrait

Wade Speir

Wade Speir, Project Manager with 25 years of management consulting and training experience at Kepner-Tregoe, Booz-Allen, PA Consulting and IQvia.  Expert in Portfolio and Risk Management as well as Root Cause Analysis.  Global experience for Fortune 50 Companies, including many in Medical Device, Pharma and Biotech as well as Finance, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, etc.

His assets: Practical approach to developing skills, and plans, to successfully implement projects in complex environments.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” – Albert Einstein

David Morse portrait

David Morse

David M., Project Manager and Operations Manager in Financial Services for over 10 years. Over 25 years of experience working with clients in a wide array of industries to improve Project Management culture and systems.

Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute, I have helped deliver projects in Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Mining, Information Technology and other industries.

His assets: His experience helps him understand how organizations work and enables him to identify which parts of Project Management methodology will best help his clients.

Flavio Capasso portrait

Flavio Capasso

Flavio Capasso is based in Peru and conducts workshops in the latino American region on problem solving and decision making, as well as project management. He specializes in business improvement, project management and strategic planning for clients in the retail, automotive, mining, construction and telecommunications sectors.

He has worked with a wide range of companies including Bosch, Corning Cable, JCI, HP, Tetrapak, HSBC, Linde Gas, Nokia Siemens Networks, Nestlé and Kraft.

His work at Ladrillera Santafe in Colombia was recognized for operational excellence in the KT International Process Achievement Awards.

His assets: He has an MBA from Santa Clara University (USA) and a Master’s in Human Resources Management from EOI (Spain).

Flavio delivers project management workshops and consulting services in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.

Fred Almeida portrait

Fred Almeida

Fred Almeida is an entrepreneurial business executive with years of international experience gained in organizations ranging from a Fortune 50 company to start-ups. Based out of Brazil, Fred Almeida has been teaching and applying KT’s Project Management methodology since 2005 and brings to the table his extensive management experience to support the creation of a project management culture.

His assets: Exposure to industries in different fields, helping put together and managing projects in management and operational functions.

Consultants EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and Asia

Florence Lemerle portrait

Florence Lemerle

Consultant and trainer for many years in the field of management. 

She has contributed to the design and deployment of training programs within several large groups. Her interventions cover technical aspects and methods of project management and decision making as well as the human dimension and personal development. In addition, Florence is a certified professional coach since 2015 and assists managers and collaborators on their individual concerns.

Her assets: She listens to and understands the concerns of the industrial sector, comprehends the clients’ needs and has a strong ability to lead groups.

Tatiana Matveeva portrait

Tatiana Matveeva

Tatiana MATVEEVA brings over 25 years of professional experience, including almost 20 working in big multi-nationals: Pepsi International Bottlers and JTI. Swiss of Russian origin, she has worked out of Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Malaysia and Russia.

She has led numerous projects, particularly in the area of talent management and executive development, working with internal stakeholders and external partners across the globe.

Tatiana holds a master’s degree with honors in education and linguistics, is an accredited Mediator by London School of Mediation, a PCC level Coach by Graduate School of Business, and a Project Manager Program Lead by Kepner-Tregoe.

Her assets: Her reputation with clients is about implementing pragmatic, forward-looking and sustainable solutions.

Larry Bloom portrait

Larry Bloom

Larry Bloom, Management Consultant and Trainer, leading several worldwide projects in sales and leadership development in numerous international locations with a team of content experts since 1994. Due to the internationality of many projects, it is necessary to clearly define what objectives the client strives to achieve and to plan for translation, certification, and delivery as well as any contingencies that may arise.

His assets: Work in a variety of manufacturing and service industries internationally, strong communication skills, strategic thinker, and use of a hands-on approach to support clients achieve their business goals.

Simon van Os

Simon is well adapted to fast changing environments in various types of organizations.

Simon has a rich global consulting experience in areas including root cause analysis, problem diagnoses, decision making, risk management and project management in various industries.

In addition to consulting, he has field experience. He has managed a team of approximately 200 people, with end-to-end operational management responsibilities for the entire team.

He was also part of a team that was tasked with advising senior management on improving operational and strategic processes and implementing solutions across the organization.

His assets: Excellent communication and cross-cultural skills. Simon performs well under pressure and can meet tight deadlines.

Jonathun Buck portrait

Jonathan Buck

Jonathan is a Management Consultant, Project Management Professional and a manufacturing and engineering specialist with extensive project experience in both the public and private sector. He has global experience of working with clients and projects in forty-four different countries. His initial work as a consultant entailed large scale project management assignments on British Government, World Bank and EU projects in India, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, and Romania.  

 Jonathan has been a key speaker at several European PMI conferences in the last decade.

His assets: His knowledge and experience in project management with international companies as well as in problem solving, structured decision making and people management skills.