Project Management

Training in Project Management to achieve your objectives more effectively

Take ownership of the methodology and unify all project teams

Each member of a project team contributes to the success or failure of a project. This is why the project management training suite addresses the skills and responsibilities required at each level of project participation.

Our objective is to reinforce the real skills of the people and the organisation. This goal cannot be achieved through training alone. That is why we work with you to maximise the return on your investment by:

  • Clarifying your competency development objectives.

  • Identifying key areas of development and how the new skills will be applied within your organisation.

  • Helping to identify the critical elements of your environment that promote, support or inhibit development opportunities.

  • Providing pre- and post-competency support and coaching to ensure optimal transfer of theory to the workplace.

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Be awake alongside by SYNTHEX Consulting to benefit from a customised approach

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Each of the workshops:

  • is customized following a detailed analysis of your expectations, your needs and your challenges,
  • can be complemented by follow-up sessions or personalised individual and/or team coaching.

All our workshops are tailor-made

Our Workshops


Project Management


Take on any project with confidence with KT’s proven approach for achieving project results.

Learn and Do for Project Teams


Designed for entire project teams to learn new skills while applying them to a critical project

Project Management for Non-Project Managers


Cut to the chase for just the right amount of project knowledge to manage your project

Project Management Workshop


This workshop provides project managers with a robust and proven project management methodology, combined with KT Clear Thinking skills, required to achieve concrete and measurable results.

It is the flagship/key product of our Project Management process.

This workshop prepares project managers to take on projects of any size and deliver them with confidence.


  • Become familiar with KT’s proven project management methodology
  • Develop strong project management skills, essential to achieve project goals on time and on budget
  • Go beyond basic theory and apply project management concepts and tools to real-life projects for immediate results.

Skills developed

  • Executing/implementing the essential project management elements of defining, planning, implementing and finalise a project to achieve the desired project outcome
  • Leading and motivating a project team through effective communication with all stakeholders
  • Identifying and resolving issues quickly and confidently to keep projects on track
  • Anticipation to reduce project-specific risks
  • Improving the development of future projects.

Target audience

  • Project managers
  • Anyone in a leadership role on a project team.


3 days

Learning tools included

Each participant will have access to online learning support tools after the workshop (coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more) with a free “My KT” subscription.

Training options

  • In person at the venue of your choice or in a dedicated room,
  • In virtual

Learn and Do for Project Teams Workshop


The best way to develop a new skill is by applying it. That’s why our “learning by doing” approach is the best way to learn Kepner-Tregoe project management.

>>>Your team makes significant progress on a real project.

KT’s “Learning by Doing” workshop for project teams is an active learning experience. It is designed to help an entire team learn project management skills while applying them to key, large-scale projects.

The workshop proposes a shared approach to project management, which translates into an indispensable balance within the team.

>>> But probably the best result you will get from this workshop is that you have defined and planned your project.


  • Reduce the definition and planning time of your strategic and operational projects from a few weeks or months to ONLY five days to begin the important implementation phase.
  • Develop strong project management skills by working on a real project, with the help and support of KT project management experts.
  • Create a structured, collaborative and sustainable approach, based on a common language, to enable your project teams to achieve successful results on current and future projects.
  • Direct your team and other stakeholders to the key elements of project management at each stage of the project.

Skills developed

  • Define your project to ensure that the goals, scope, and resources of the project are clearly understood and that the stakeholders involved agree to pursue the project.
  • Plan your project to clearly identify resource assignments, schedules, and risk management plans for successful completion.
  • Manage communication, engagement and performance expectations with stakeholders.
  • Implement the plan confidently to achieve the expected results of the project.

Target audience

  • Designed for project teams looking for a project management method that can be immediately implemented on a concrete project
  • OR for teams working on an ongoing project.


5 days

Learning tools included

Each participant will have access to:

  • The Kepner-Tregoe Project Management learner’s manual, a copy of The Rational Project Manager book or the Kepner-Tregoe Process Guide, worksheets and a job-aid process map.

  • Online learning aids after the workshop (coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, etc.) with a free “My KT” subscription. 

Training options

  • In person at the venue of your choice or in a dedicated room,
  • In virtual

Project Management for Non-Project Managers Workshop


You can have the best project managers, but if the people they’re managing don’t understand fundamental project skills and use a common language, the team will struggle to achieve success. KT’s Project Management for Non-Project Managers workshop provides a foundation in project management:

  • defining,
  • planning,
  • implementing, and finalising a project

That can be used in day-to-day project work and then built upon as project roles expand.


  • Develop foundational project management skills to maximize your impact as a project contributor
  • Understand project roles and responsibilitiesto better support delivery of project results
  • Learn KT’s proven Project Management methodology that can be applied in your day-to-day work on any type of project

Skills developed

  • Support in the defining, planning, implementing, and closing out a project.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities within the project team to optimize support.
  • Apply basic principles of KT’s Project Management methodology.
  • Identify and address issues quickly and confidently to keep project tasks on track.
  • Anticipate and reduce project risk.

Target audience

Designed for anyone who contributes to a project team. The workshop is especially valuable for team members led by project managers who use the KT Project Management approach. 


2 days

Learning tools included

Each participant will have access to online learning support tools after the workshop (coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more) with a free “My KT” subscription.

Training options

  • In person at the venue of your choice or in a dedicated room,
  • In virtual

Collaboration with KT: A recognised methodology

The Kepner-Tregoe Project Management approach is directly linked to and certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and its Project Management Body of Knowledge, the international project reference.

SYNTHEX Consulting is a licensee of Kepner-Tregoe Inc. (KT), an international skills development and consulting company, to deliver Project Management training services.

SYNTHEX Consulting now provides the KT Project Management methodology through hands-on workshops.

Why KT Project Management?

  • We go beyond certification requirements and focus on the project results objective.

  • Our workshops incorporate practical applications, so you can immediately apply your skills to your projects.

  • KT’s project Management approach can be adapted to a wide range of roles and levels of difficulty.

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Training provided by KT certified consultants

  • France
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • North America

All training materials are available in

The KT Method: 4 pillars

Four distinct processes address all aspects of the project approach.

Together, they combine to form a comprehensive and efficient methodology.



Is used to assess the project needs. This phase helps clarify the time, cost, and performance parameters of the project. It also identifies the specific results expected and the value the project should create by balancing these aspects with the right level of resources needed.


Is used to define who will do what and when. This phase combines scheduling techniques and planning of deliverables and resources with the right project team (gathering the right resources to do the work on the project and committing them to the success of the project).


Focuses on the effective use and control of resources used on the project. Prevents the classic project pitfalls (schedule drift, lack of resources, poor change management, etc.). The implementation phase ensures that the project objectives are achieved while exploiting the opportunities.


Is involved in all phases of the project, from definition to completion. This phase includes techniques to enable more effective leadership, to manage the performance system and to involve stakeholders in a way that promotes commitment and satisfaction.

Our internationally recognised project management training sessions

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A dedicated team at your service

Nathalie and Thierry GIGOU await to answer your questions and to direct you to our Account Managers for a personalised follow-up from beginning to end.

Account managers

Claire F., Project manager in medical research for more than 15 years, quality manager and internal auditor for the ISO 9001 standard. Within the framework of large national and international networks, I have had the opportunity to lead several projects, both academic and industrial, managing the implementation and follow-up of projects until their completion.

My assets: My professional experience and practical know-how, to accompany you in your improvement process.