Project Management Workshop – Public sessions

Our Project Management training courses are also delivered in the format of public training sessions, which are organized in inter-enterprise on a regular basis both online and face-to-face.

The KT method is delivered to participants from different companies and sectors. The basic 2-day program is available below.

This is an opportunity for you, your colleagues and peers to discover the KT method in Project Management and the learning approach of our sessions.

You or your employees will learn the concepts of this method and put them into practice using case studies with participants from a variety of sectors.

Key assets:

✓ Interculturality ✓ Sharing experiences ✓ Flexibility of dates

sessions-publique-project management

Proposed dates in 2023:

These sessions are delivered both face-to-face and online, in French or English.

Sessions in French (Europe Zone):

📅 2 days: April 04 and 05, 2023 online

📅 2 days: July 04 and 05, 2023 face-to-face – Paris

📅 2 days: November 07 and 08, 2023 online

English and remote learning sessions (Europe zone):

📅 2 days: February 20 and 21, 2023 online

📅 2 days: May 15 and 16, 2023 online

English and remote learning sessions (North and Latin America zone):

📅 2 days: March 30 and 31, 2023 online

📅 2 days: June 19 and 20, 2023 online

📅 2 days: November 21 and 22, 2023 online


  • Designed for anyone who is a member of a project team. The workshop is particularly useful for team members led by project managers who use the KT project management approach.
  • Anyone in a leadership position within a project team.
  • Any stakeholder who needs a basic knowledge of the project.

The Key elements:

  • Assist in the definition, planning, implementation, communication and closure of a project.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within the project team to maximize efficiency.
  • Apply the basic principles of the KT project management methodology.
  • Identify and resolve problems quickly and confidently to keep the project on track.
  • Anticipate and reduce project risks.

The cost of registration:

  • 1200€/participant or 1240 USD/participant

Including the following services:

  • 2 days led by an expert consultant, certified KT
  • Access to digital tools and resources with “My KT” access
  • 1 certificate of achievement

Participants' testimonials:

Zoé J. Medical scientist, specialized in laboratory equipment:

This training course allows us to put theory into practice. Meeting people from different backgrounds to discuss and compare practices is enriching.

I liked the fact that the program was respected and that the whole course was covered with enough time given to each topic. The presenter, Tatiana, was very convincing and explained everything in such a way that made it easy to understand.

Alexander C. Scrum master and IT department team leader:

The simplicity and structure of the training makes it easy to use in many different scenarios.

Lize V. Product Development Chemist:

Small groups allowed us to discuss our own experience and work on our own project.

Sylvia V. Project Management and Training Developer:

I liked the trainer’s methodology, the interactivity and the practical application.

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  • Have more information on the organization of this session
  • Obtain a quote for your employees


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