Happy new year 2024

THANK YOU to all of you who have placed your trust in us in 2023!

The entire SYNTHEX Consulting team wishes you all the best for the New Year

and for all your loved ones.

The year 2023 was marked by many crises, and we hope that 2024 will see a return to serenity and peace, both in France and in the many current conflict zones…


As far as we are concerned, this year has been devoted to strengthening our action and our activities, and we are very satisfied with the work we have accomplished with all our clients.

We have strongly consolidated our expertise in Project Management, and the Risk Consulting business is now on a very good track, with business set to strengthen in 2024 and beyond to 2025. We’re really pleased with this situation.

The past year has also enabled us to set up and develop a new speciality that has been eagerly awaited and requested by our clients, who are keen to see their projects through to full success.

These are Communication training modules.

These modules (one specifically designed for the English-speaking market, the other for the French-speaking market) are now operational.

If we had to sum up the past financial year, we would say that we have strongly consolidated our activities and are positioned for strong growth, an outlook fully shared with our partner Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton.

Thank you again, and see you soon for further joint successes in your current and future projects.

Happy and exciting Year 2024!